July upgrading


Halcyon, scuba diving, backplate scubaNothing much to blog about recently. I’ve been trying to keep a low profile, run and workout as much as I can, waiting to see if we are going to be sent home soon.Still no word. Some friends in Afghanistan just got a pink slip with a 1 day notice. Not good at all. Bags are packed ready to send off if necessary. Sucks living like this.

I can tell you that I finally got another vacation approved.  September will be another Boracay Blackout, hitting the beach full speed. I have some dive gear to test out on some recent upgrades in equipment.

For those of you diving with Halcyon or Dive Rite gear… the new aluminum Dive Rite Aluminum Backplate (Anodized Black) is pretty kickass. It fits the Halcyon Eclipse wing no problem. The wing has 2 holes to attach by, 11-inch on center bolt spacing.

Tec specs: Aluminum backplate: 1.5 lbs (0.68kg) compared to the stainless steel (standard) at 6-lb. (2.7kg)

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