What’s up with Boracay Philippines?


I get tons of questions about the famous Boracay Philippines. I first went to this place in 2004 with Rocky for about 10 days. Of course over time, ths island started to deteriorate over time as more tourists find out about the beaches there. If you want all the touristy stuff about the island, do a search on google. You will see people blogging about this place everywhere. I have seen payoffs from resort owners to get good reviews on people’s websites, fliers, magazine articles, and whatever else you can think of.


I have been going to Boracay for 2-3 weeks every 4 months since 2004-2007. Recently I spent a little over a year on this island.(2008-2009) Doing what? Really nothing but scuba diving, kiteboarding, partying, and trying not to get arrested from time to time. If you have never experienced the Philippines and their way of life, it is something it really takes time to get used to.  I have noticed there are 2 kinds of Filipinos. There’s the kind that will lie to your face, rob you blind, tell everybody about your personal life (which is 98% wrong – and the 2% – they just don’t get it) and then the other type of Filipino that would bend over backwards for you to do anything for you. Being on the tourist island, you see more of the first kind than the second. Most on that island live for that day only. And if it means lying to you to get what they want – they do it and not think about tomorrow or next week when the lie comes out. These would alot of business owners there too. It seems they can care less of your “repeat” business. One of the best guys I have met there would be Dave, from Dave’s Straw Hat Inn. Dave runs a small resort on the island has been very successful doing that. The staff loves Dave, which is very rare on the island. I stayed there a few times back in 2006.


I spent months / years at Blue Mango. I have known them since opening up the place. Decent people. Talk to Dustin for all you tec divers out there. He’s the only Tec Instructor on the island. I have been diving with them for years.  Logged over 1000 dives with the crew there.  But that’s about all I gotta say about them. Back in the day – they were the ultimate place for diving and partying. Now that Rocky, Gaz, and Doug are gone, it is a normal boring 8-4 operation.  If you want the party environment, walk down the beach.


Yea this place isn’t like Angeles City or Sabang, but the prostitutes are around. Over the past couple years, The Amazing Show has setup shop on the island. This is the famous lady boy club. Koreans love that place. You will see these lady boys around the island after midnight messing with the new tourists. The Boracay Police (cough, cough) don’t do anything about the prostitution there unless it is a dispute out in the public.  If that’s your thing, check out Summerplace and Cocomangas. I’m sure there are more recent places, but that’s the most popular ones. These girls sometimes work during the days waitressing or in the little stores selling shit. If you are a dude walking around alone, you will get approached by at least a dozen or more from Station 3 to DaMall around midnight’ish.


Hell yea. The nightlife is pretty good for a remote island. Expect some brown outs, good beach music (William at Bom Bom!), decent food (Mongolian BBQ all you can eat!), and some good vis on the diving. Marine life sucks. Go to Maningning for some better diving. Hour 1/2 from Boracay. The actual white beach is awesome and the sunsets are something out of a post card. Happy hour starts around 3pm at most places until after sunset. 50 pesos – 2 for 1 – Rum cokes! DAMN! Check out Nigi Nigi for some really good Long Island Ice Teas!

I will be back very soon…..

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  1. I guess it’s true when they say that you can’t extract an intelligent opinion from a stupid person —-

    “I have noticed there are 2 kinds of Filipinas. There’s the kind that will lie to your face, rob you blind, tell everybody about your personal life (which is 98% wrong – and the 2% – they just don’t get) and then the other type of Filipina that would bend over backwards for you to do anything for you.”

    You claim to have spent enough time with us in order to lend credence to your stories, but your off-tangent observations clearly show how little you actually know about us. Perhaps you were too busy drowning your brain cells with booze (as evidenced by your grammar and spelling)to pay attention to the people and place that you speak about.

    Foreigners visit my country and act like they own the place. You act like you are better than us because the value of your money is higher. But lest we forget, you are merely guests in our country – so show us the respect we deserve.

    And if I may implore, please… do not come back. My country will never need people like you.

  2. Ms. Filipina,

    What’s funny about the internet is people like you get really worked up over people’s opinions. I have been traveling the world for over 30 years. Where have you been in your life? You obviously are trying to pigeon hole my “opinion” into a flaming comment on how I “act like I am better than you because the value of our money is higher.” That seems to be the typical uneducated comment I have been seeing online from many Filipinas to other foreigners.

    The last time I looked at your currency rates, just about everybody’s money is better that “yours”. And that is one of the top reasons I visit “your” country. And yes I will be back very soon.

    The Philippines, one of Asia’s biggest sovereign debt issuers, has said it wants to tap more development loans to fund a wider budget deficit this year of 177.2 billion pesos ($3.66 billion), or 2.2 percent of GDP, and would only resort to market borrowings if it fails to get such concessional loans.

    So you are wrong, you will always need people like me there. No tourism = no foreign investors.

    We are guests in your country. We always will be. It will never change. But respect is earned. Demanding respect from people shows you are a very insecure person.

  3. It’s a “miracle” that an island Peeno knows how to operate a “majic typing box”. If it wasn’t for tourists that island would still be covered with aborigine niggers trying to eat each other. LOL

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