VIDEO: CC’s Juice Bar Experience


Classic clip from Juice Bar in Boracay Philippines. This guy doesn’t listen to advice from others and ends up passing out at the bar. He ended up dislocating his knee that night somehow and missed out on some scuba diving lessons.


8 thoughts on “VIDEO: CC’s Juice Bar Experience”

  1. you are a no-name DJ, which means you’re poor.
    you post all over online about your free beat loops, again, that means poor.
    You took the time to post about a retarded movie several times, Nacho Libre – not only poor but apparently too much spare time as well.

    And you’re going to call a guy with about a million bux in the bank “a cheap indian”? Yay, lets hear it for trailer trash bigots!

  2. I post all over online about free beats ?
    i posted one video as you can see it got 5,000.00 hits.
    Are you Indian? Dont you know all indian’s are cheap. I know this because I know a lot of them. and they are all Cheap cheap cheap !! how do you know he has a million are you his lover? Homo

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