June 10, 2008
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VIDEO: Pre Wedding party with Jeremy & Sunshine in Boracay Philippines

Pre Wedding party for Jeremy & Sunshine at Arwanas Boracay Philippines. Gaz and Bucket were the bartenders at your service in Arwana's Bar. Station 3 Boracay Philippines.
May 1, 2008

Drunk at Bom Bom,Cocomangas doing 15 shots & Guilly’s Island

Starting the party at Bom Bom's Bugsay Dragonboat fund raiser. Drunk at Cocomangas doing 15 shots & Guilly's Island on the party run.
February 22, 2008

VIDEO: Red Pirates Full Moon Party Feb 22 2008

Check out the full moon party held at Red Pirates. Tons of rum flowing, beer bongs, and the famous FU Archie. (As always, watch after the final credits)
February 15, 2008
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VIDEO: Thess & Caroline’s Boracay Birthday Celebration

Thess had her blackout drive party at Arwana. Some fire dancing with countless shots turned this into a classic one to remember.
January 5, 2008

VIDEO: Russian New Years Celebration in Boracay

Check out the Russian New Years Celebration and Paulina's last night on the island in Boracay. Clubs hit were Boom Boom, Club Paraw, and Summerplace.
August 15, 2007

VIDEO: Blue Mango Divers BBQ (Aug 07)

Blue Mango Divers threw a barbeque in August 07 with Rocky at the helm rocking the grill. Special appearances made by tequila, new padi girl, unknown girl throwing up on the beach and getting kicked out, and the famous beer bong.
April 14, 2007

VIDEO: Puerto Galera club scenes

Puerto Galera Philippines (Sabang) short video clip of some club action as well as a scene from a hotel room. Some decent girls in this video.
July 15, 2006

VIDEO: Drunk Korean dancing on a bar falls off!

Drunk Korean Tourist dancing falls off a bar in Boracay Philippines.
June 1, 2006

VIDEO: Typhoon Man Li Boracay Party

Typhoon party hiding out at Boom Boom bar in Boracay Philippines
June 1, 2006

VIDEO: CC’s Juice Bar Experience

Classic clip from Juice Bar in Boracay Philippines. This guy doesn't listen to advice from others and ends up passing out at the bar.
April 16, 2006

VIDEO: Boracay Beach Station 3 Blue Mango

Walking around the front of Blue Mango and the diveshop (Station 3 Angol Point). Checking out some girls on the beach. Watching the sunset walking down the beach trail. Awesome place!!