October 2, 2010

Hanging in Mosul Iraq

So I spent about a month in Mosul and decided it was time to leave for a better opportunity in the middle east.
January 2, 2010
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New years flight in a blackhawk

New years flight in a blackhawk
December 30, 2009

Ramadi red Sunrise

Ramadi red Sunrise
November 18, 2009

Mud Sunset from Ramadi Iraq

Ramadi sucks when it rains!
August 24, 2009

Bulletproof BBQ Grill’s

I ran across these grills getting ready to be put to the ultimate test of a 7.62 mm and then a couple steaks to prove it's worthiness of being grilled on.
August 10, 2009

Birthday in Iraq

Another birthday in the sand box. And to top it off, another dust storm is hitting today.....
May 20, 2009

Iraq sandstorm

This sandstorm blew thru on April 17 2009. Looks like about a half mile high and an endless width. Reminds me of the famous pics from Al Asad back in the day.