March 16, 2011

VIDEO: Hawaii Vacation to Honolulu

Home video I put together of my trip to Hawaii with Gee Gee. A trip to Pearl Harbor and another trip around the island is where a majority of the video was shot in Hawaii.
March 10, 2011

VIDEO: Scuba Diving Honolulu with Kaimana Divers – Turtle canyon reef

Our first dive was at Turtle Canyons. Turtle Canyons was formed thousands of years ago when volcanic activity was in action here on Oahu.
March 3, 2011

VIDEO: Honolulu city lights timelapse

Video shot from the 25th floor in Honolulu. Timelapse of about a half hour down to about 11 seconds.
March 3, 2011

VIDEO: Pearl Harbor trip

I made a trip to the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii during my recent trip to the island. The tour group is called Discover Hawaii Tours. Excellent tour.