March 6, 2013

florida sinkholes

With this latest sinkhole swallowing up some guy in the middle of the night is really making me have second thoughts about getting a place later this year.
January 10, 2012

VIDEO: Clearwater beach timelapse video

I shot 4 video clips at one hour intervals. I sped them up to 34,000 times normal speed to around 10 seconds each.
January 5, 2012

VIDEO: Key West Fl in December

We shot some random video throughout Key West Florida before New Years. (Dec 2011)
June 16, 2011

VIDEO: Clearwater Beach Segway Tour

I always see these Segways around when Im on vacation, so Gee Gee and I decided to jump on a Clearwater Beach tour while we were in town for the weekend.
August 25, 2010

VIDEO: Tampa drive to St Pete – Rob Irie Playing Jimmy Bs

I was in Tampa heading to St. Pete beach and shoot some video along the way. Caught up with Rob and the crew at Jimmy B's.
August 17, 2010

Clearwater Beach Photoshoot Aug 14 2010

I got an invitation from Robert La Follette to shoot some video on one of his photo shoot workshops on Clearwater Beach Florida. Crystal, Lindsay, and Nikki puts on a show for the beach goers.
August 11, 2010

VIDEO: My Birthday at Jimmy B’s with Rob Irie and friends

With no big plans for my birthday, I wanted to hang out with Rob and a couple friends at Jimmy B's Beach Bar in St. Pete Florida.
February 14, 2010

VIDEO: Shark video Florida State Fair

The Florida State Fairgrounds is located in Tampa, Florida. In addition to holding the annual Florida State Fair, the Fairgrounds hosts a wide variety of other events throughout the year.
February 14, 2010

Florida State Fair Tampa Florida

The annual Florida State Fair is a salute to the state's best in the agriculture and equestrian industry including an abundance of shows, music, rides, food and shopping.
March 5, 2004

VIDEO: Busch Gardens Roller Coaster (Kumba) Cam

Bush Gardens Tampa Florida (2004). Camera on the roller coaster.