Kiteboarding Demo Day Portland Tx


Demo day with Cabrinha and North in Portland Tx. Winds were pretty light but we had a pretty good time regardless.

Kiteboarding Demo Day Portland Tx2019-09-27T07:14:30-05:00

Corpus Christi kiteboarding Bay crossing 40+ kiters


Quick clip of a bay crossing from Portland Tx (Wildcat) to Fajitavilla at North Beach in Corpus Christi. (5.5 miles one way). A ton of people showed up to this one the day before demo day.

Corpus Christi kiteboarding Bay crossing 40+ kiters2019-09-27T07:14:48-05:00

March north winds Oso Bay


We are still waiting for the south winds for the year. Why is it still winter here? North wind session at Oso Bay - Corpus Christi, Tx.

March north winds Oso Bay2019-09-27T07:11:56-05:00

Christmas kiteboarding 2016


What more can you ask for? Closing out 2016 with a sweet sunny warm kiteboarding session. A bunch of Santa's elves showed up to get in a little action. (Corpus Christi, Tx)

Christmas kiteboarding 20162019-09-25T07:22:02-05:00

Utah road trip


I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Utah and put the DJI Phantom 3 Pro up for a few shots in the mountains and the GoPro filmed some shots downtown Salt Lake City.

Utah road trip2019-09-27T07:12:52-05:00

Cabrinha Apollo


One of our local riders Eduardo jumped on the Cabrinha Apollo for a spin.

Cabrinha Apollo2019-09-27T07:11:34-05:00

Airush Lithium demo with Core cleat


I got a chance to demo the 2017 Airush Lithium 12m for about 10 mins before the winds dropped off. I didn't see much in the turning power of the kite unfortunately when the lulls hit, but it seems like a fun kite. The bar pressure was pretty light.

Airush Lithium demo with Core cleat2019-09-27T14:21:08-05:00

Naish Pivot demo with Torque ATB


I had the chance to demo the 2017 Naish Pivot 12m with the Torque ATB setup. Very cool kite that truly turns on a pivot. Very light bar pressure.

Naish Pivot demo with Torque ATB2019-09-27T14:25:41-05:00

Birthday kiteboard session


I managed to get in some kiteboarding during the last couple days of my birthday here in south Texas. Good winds and good times had.

Birthday kiteboard session2019-09-27T07:15:43-05:00