June 26, 2016

Video: Korea trip

Here's a video from my latest trip to Korea. There was no wind during my trip so it was tourist time.
May 28, 2016

Cape Cod trip

I had a business trip to Cape Cod recently and this is the first time I've ever been this far up north. Im not a big fan of cold weather, but his place is beautiful. Check out some drone pictures.
December 18, 2015

Video: Paradise in Philippines kiteboarding trip

A much needed vacation had us traveling to Palawan and Boracay Philippines. The winds were light to none most of the trip, so we made the best of it. Met some cool people along the way.
November 2, 2012

Cancun visit – royal solaris cancun resort

I had a chance to check out Cancun recently. Awesome place.
January 10, 2012

VIDEO: Clearwater beach timelapse video

I shot 4 video clips at one hour intervals. I sped them up to 34,000 times normal speed to around 10 seconds each.
January 5, 2012

VIDEO: Key West Fl in December

We shot some random video throughout Key West Florida before New Years. (Dec 2011)
December 3, 2011

VIDEO: Dubai Trip – Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountains, Dubai Aquarium, Ski Dubai, and Palm Jumeirah

A recent trip to Dubai took us all over the place. Places visited were the Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai, Dubai Fountains light show, Dubai Aquarium and the Palm Jumeirah.
June 16, 2011

VIDEO: Clearwater Beach Segway Tour

I always see these Segways around when Im on vacation, so Gee Gee and I decided to jump on a Clearwater Beach tour while we were in town for the weekend.
March 16, 2011

VIDEO: Hawaii Vacation to Honolulu

Home video I put together of my trip to Hawaii with Gee Gee. A trip to Pearl Harbor and another trip around the island is where a majority of the video was shot in Hawaii.
March 10, 2011

VIDEO: Scuba Diving Honolulu with Kaimana Divers – Turtle canyon reef

Our first dive was at Turtle Canyons. Turtle Canyons was formed thousands of years ago when volcanic activity was in action here on Oahu.
March 3, 2011

VIDEO: Honolulu city lights timelapse

Video shot from the 25th floor in Honolulu. Timelapse of about a half hour down to about 11 seconds.
March 3, 2011

VIDEO: Pearl Harbor trip

I made a trip to the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii during my recent trip to the island. The tour group is called Discover Hawaii Tours. Excellent tour.
February 9, 2011

VIDEO: Boracay Philippines beach clear waters and sunset timelapse

The island of Boracay is 7.5 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide just an hour plane ride south of Manila Philippines. The popular powdery White Sand Beach (which take up most of the western side of the island) is where most of tourist go to see and be seen.
February 6, 2011

A day in paradise – Boracay Philippines beach pictures

Here's a couple pictures I took yesterday in Boracay Philippines. Amazing day.
February 4, 2011

VIDEO: Hartleys Crocodile Farm Adventures Australia

You can see an array of wildlife, including beautiful tropical birds, reptiles, insects and other native fauna. This is the best place to see crocodiles and local wildlife.
February 4, 2011

VIDEO: Barramundi in a Cairns Australia Hotel Pond

At the Holiday Inn in Cairns Australia, they had these huge fish (Asian Seabass) called a Barramundi.