Thailand vacation during coronavirus outbreak


I was in Thailand solo for a month during the Coronavirus outbreak in Feb/Mar 2020. China had a lockdown going on and the crowds were smaller than normal.

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SCUBA diving in Cozumel Mexico


The Cozumel diving scene is vibrant and lively. Home to over 500 fish species and a wide variety of corals, scuba divers could see turtles, groupers, green moray eels, nurse sharks, the endemic splendid toadfish and lots of colorful tropical fish, on a typical Cozumel diving trip.

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The Healthy Diver: Ear Clearing 101


Ear woes are the No. 1 reason divers pull the plug on a dive, and in extreme cases, the sport itself. But with a few tricks and advanced techniques, almost anyone can make equalizing easier.

The Healthy Diver: Ear Clearing 1012019-09-25T07:22:06-05:00

VIDEO: Hawaii Vacation to Honolulu


Home video I put together of my trip to Hawaii with Gee Gee. A trip to Pearl Harbor and another trip around the island is where a majority of the video was shot in Hawaii.

VIDEO: Hawaii Vacation to Honolulu2019-09-25T07:22:08-05:00

VIDEO: The Australian trip video 2011


I finally made a trip to Australia to Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef to do some scuba diving with the Quicksilver guys.

VIDEO: The Australian trip video 20112019-09-25T07:22:12-05:00

VIDEO: Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef (Agincourt Reef)


We dived a beautiful spot called Agincourt Reef, at the very outer edge of the Barrier Reef. Here, special reefs known as ‘ribbons’ run parallel to the Continental Shelf.

VIDEO: Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef (Agincourt Reef)2019-09-25T07:22:12-05:00

VIDEO: Chads Thailand Trip – June 2010


I ran video and shot some pictures throughout my travels in Thailand. Flying into Bangkok from Philippines, I met up with Rocky and took the hour taxi ride to Pattaya to grab some gear.

VIDEO: Chads Thailand Trip – June 20102019-09-25T07:22:17-05:00