VIDEO: Paris Trip


Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Paris France. Beautiful country.

VIDEO: Paris Trip2019-09-25T07:22:07-06:00



One of my best friends just passed away. RIP JD.

RIP JD2019-09-25T07:22:07-06:00

VIDEO: Key West Fl in December


We shot some random video throughout Key West Florida before New Years. (Dec 2011)

VIDEO: Key West Fl in December2019-09-25T07:22:07-06:00

Moonrise over Afghanistan


It's nice and hot during the days and starting to get cold at night. We can see the snow ontop of the highest mountains already. It sucks you can't snowboard there without getting shot.

Moonrise over Afghanistan2019-09-25T07:22:08-06:00

VIDEO: Pearl Harbor trip


I made a trip to the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii during my recent trip to the island. The tour group is called Discover Hawaii Tours. Excellent tour.

VIDEO: Pearl Harbor trip2019-09-25T07:22:09-06:00

VIDEO: Ariels Point Boracay cliff diving Feb 19 2011


Check out the cliff diving madness from Boracay Philippines. Around 50 people went on this adventure from all over the world. Tons of fun in the sun.

VIDEO: Ariels Point Boracay cliff diving Feb 19 20112019-09-25T07:22:09-06:00