SCUBA diving in Cozumel Mexico

I met up with John T on this epic Scuba Diving trip in Cozumel Mexico. Visibility and sea-life were outstanding on the trip. Shot on GoPro 6 Black. 4 Dives random depths up to 40m (131ft)

SCUBA diving in Cozumel Mexico2018-09-24T10:25:38-05:00

Foilboarding kiteboarding corpus christi tx

A foilboard or hydrofoil board is a surfboard with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water. This design causes the board to leave the surface of the water at various speeds. Foilboarding in Corpus Christi Tx happens almost daily here. Laird Hamilton, a prominent figure in the invention of big wave tow-in surfing, later discovered the foilboard's capability to harness swell energy

Foilboarding kiteboarding corpus christi tx2018-09-10T10:42:11-05:00

Cape Cod trip

I had a business trip to Cape Cod recently and this is the first time I've ever been this far up north. Im not a big fan of cold weather, but his place is beautiful. Check out some drone pictures.

Cape Cod trip2016-05-28T17:42:09-05:00

florida sinkholes

With this latest sinkhole swallowing up some guy in the middle of the night is really making me have second thoughts about getting a place later this year.

florida sinkholes2013-03-06T08:27:19-05:00
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