Boracay Philippines party


Here’s a few videos from Boracay Philippines from 2005-2010. boracay nightlife old school.

Boracay Philippines on a budget – Smoke, Boom Boom, Pats Bar, Exit Bar, Summerplace.

A few of the spots hit on the island for cheap food and drinks.

Juice Bar in Boracay Philippines with Absenthe and Papagayio shots with hot girls.

We loved going to the Juice Bar. The place was very chill way back in the early 2000’s. It has since shut down, but the memories will remain.

Jungle Bar in Boracay Full Moon (Sep 2009) Boracay Philippines

Pre-Wedding party with Jeremy & Sunshine in Boracay Philippines

We had such a good time celebrating the night before the wedding in Boracay.

Russian New Years Celebration in Boracay

This was our way of celebrating Russian New Years in Boracay.

Getting Drunk in Boracay with the biggest boobs in Asia

This hot girl showed up with her massive boobs and blew everybody’s minds