Corpus Christi downtown day after Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey hit Corpus Christi Aug 26th 2017. I was downtown the next day to get some footage. There seemed to be pretty limited damage around the area. Some nearby cities didn't weren't so lucky.

Corpus Christi downtown day after Hurricane Harvey2019-09-27T02:06:35-06:00

Corpus Christi storm pictures


There's been a handful of storms blowing through our area lately and I was able to throw up the DJI Phantom pro for a few minutes to get some pictures before the rain hit.

Corpus Christi storm pictures2019-09-27T06:52:40-06:00

Kiteboarding Demo Day Portland Tx


Demo day with Cabrinha and North in Portland Tx. Winds were pretty light but we had a pretty good time regardless.

Kiteboarding Demo Day Portland Tx2019-09-27T07:14:30-06:00

Corpus Christi kiteboarding Bay crossing 40+ kiters


Quick clip of a bay crossing from Portland Tx (Wildcat) to Fajitavilla at North Beach in Corpus Christi. (5.5 miles one way). A ton of people showed up to this one the day before demo day.

Corpus Christi kiteboarding Bay crossing 40+ kiters2019-09-27T07:14:48-06:00

March north winds Oso Bay


We are still waiting for the south winds for the year. Why is it still winter here? North wind session at Oso Bay - Corpus Christi, Tx.

March north winds Oso Bay2019-09-27T07:11:56-06:00