March 27, 2017

Wildcat kiteboarding first day of spring 2017

First day of spring hit and the winds were cranking for kiteboarding at Wildcat Park, Portland Tx 2017.
March 13, 2017

Video: March north winds Oso Bay

We are still waiting for the south winds for the year. Why is it still winter here? North wind session at Oso Bay - Corpus Christi, Tx.
March 11, 2017

Video: jumping island kiteboarding

Enjoying a nice little jump over a small island in Brozil (Corpus Christi Tx)
December 25, 2016

Christmas kiteboarding 2016

What more can you ask for? Closing out 2016 with a sweet sunny warm kiteboarding session. A bunch of Santa's elves showed up to get in a little action. (Corpus Christi, Tx)
November 1, 2016

Video: Utah 2016 trip

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Utah and put the DJI Phantom 3 Pro up for a few shots in the mountains and the GoPro filmed some shots downtown Salt Lake City.
October 20, 2016

Video: Cabrinha Apollo 2017

One of our local riders Eduardo jumped on the Cabrinha Apollo for a spin.
October 13, 2016

Video: 2017 Airush Lithium demo with 2017 Core cleat

I got a chance to demo the 2017 Airush Lithium 12m for about 10 mins before the winds dropped off. I didn't see much in the turning power of the kite unfortunately when the lulls hit, but it seems like a fun kite. The bar pressure was pretty light.
October 13, 2016

Video: 2017 Naish Pivot demo with 2017 Torque ATB

I had the chance to demo the 2017 Naish Pivot 12m with the Torque ATB setup. Very cool kite that truly turns on a pivot. Very light bar pressure.
August 15, 2016

Video: Birthday kiteboard session

I managed to get in some kiteboarding during the last couple days of my birthday here in south Texas. Good winds and good times had.
July 16, 2016

Kiteboarding bay crossing drone pictures

Here's a few pics from above during the bay crossing from Wildcat Park, Portland Texas to Fajitaville in North Beach Corpus Christi, Tx. A straight shot from point to point is about 5.5 miles one way.
July 2, 2016

Video: Kiteboarding bay crossing Portland Texas

Some clips from a bay crossing from Wildcat Park in Portland Texas to Fajitaville in North Beach Corpus Christi Tx. Approx distance is 5.5 miles one way.
June 26, 2016

Video: Korea trip

Here's a video from my latest trip to Korea. There was no wind during my trip so it was tourist time.
June 3, 2016

Video: Pro kiteboarding demo at Portland Texas, Wildcat Park

Pro kiteboarding demo at Portland Texas, Wildcat Park
May 28, 2016

Cape Cod trip

I had a business trip to Cape Cod recently and this is the first time I've ever been this far up north. Im not a big fan of cold weather, but his place is beautiful. Check out some drone pictures.
May 8, 2016

Video: Switch Helium 18m at Wildcat park, Tx

Getting some time on the water is always easy using the 18m Switch Helium. Winds were 10-15 for a couple hours.
May 3, 2016

Video: Bridge jumping kiteboarders

When the bays flood higher than normal, the kiters get to session in areas they normally don't have access to. Did we mention jumping off a bridge?