Kiteboarding in Dubai


I was lucky enough to be in Dubai for a few days and the winds started blowing onshore for a day, so I had to get out there for a quick session before the winds dropped down too much. This is a pretty cool beach dedicated to kiteboarders with actual lifeguards that blow their little whistle at people swimming in the water when kiters are present. lol

Kitesurfing is increasing in popularity throughout the United Arab Emirates, encouraged by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamdan Bin Mohamed Al Nahyan, who was a gold medallist in the freestyle kitesurfing event at the 2010 Al Gharbia Watersports Festival. The long beaches and favorable winds make Dubai an ideal location for this exciting water sport. Kitesurfing is permitted at most public beaches, with instruction available seven days a week throughout the year.

Kite Beach, at Wollongong Beach, is Dubai’s most popular kitesurfing venue. This long, sandy beach faces northwest so it is exposed to the prevailing thermal winds, which are normally light to moderate; and the waters are shallow. Kite Beach is suitable for kiters of all ability levels, although the water can occasionally become choppy. Jumeirah Beach, near Dubai Marina, is the emirate’s main tourist beach and has the most amenities, but it is also the busiest. Nessnass Beach, adjacent to Jumeirah Beach Park, has gentle waves so is suitable for novice kiters. Jebel Ali Beach is a quiet beach, approximately a 20-minute drive from Dubai. The water is shallow and fairly choppy, but waves are bigger in winter, when wind speeds reach 20 knots. Sun huts and showers are available every 220 yards along the beach.

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