Atom Longboard demo cruising to lunch at executive surf club


I took the Atom Longboard H16D down Shoreline Blvd in Corpus Christi Tx to grab a little lunch at Executive Surf Club. This is a solid board and very fast. I swapped out the front wheels with a softer ones (75A) because of the rough streets downtown. I easily covered 7 miles without any issues.

This carbon fiber electric longboard is suitable for anyone looking to have a good time and find a better way to get around town. Speeding down the streets at 20 miles an hour for up to 12 miles in distance is more than necessary to get from one place to another and back. It’s also great for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment by not polluting and using gasoline to get around as most cars do.

We truly like the Atom H16D Electric Longboard because it gives the best of both worlds for speed and distance. Many other electric boards either have a really high-speed limit but a low distance per charge, or vice versa. With this electric board, you get a decent speed limit with an excellent distance per charge. There’s nothing to not like about a longboard that lets you cruise around town at high speeds for as long as you need, especially when it only takes a total of two hours to charge!


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