VIDEO: Wreck Diving Boracay Philippines

by Chad

Today I shot some scuba diving video and took some pictures for some friends. This was their first time doing a wreck dive, so it was very exciting for them. So exciting, they sucked down air too fast and ended the dive about 20 min early. It’s all good though, practice makes perfect. The visibility was about 15 meters with alot of jellyfish in the water. Everybody had little stingers and a bunch of close calls.

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Kat March March 6, 2011 - 1:26 am

I must say, I LOVE THIS!

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[…] 跟大部分東南亞潛水一樣,不用背氣瓶走下海,所有裝備都由助理搬上船,下水前背上去就好了。長灘島的潛點離岸邊很近,出海時十分鐘就到,連暈船都不用擔心。我們的第一個點是沉船(CAMIA),這是商業沉船,故意放進海裡的,所以不會陰陰的。附近都是沙底,船上有兩條繩子直達海面,上下岸都可以扶著下潛,超級適合我們這種遜咖的。水深27m。 […]


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