VIDEO: Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef (Agincourt Reef)


I finally made a trip to the Great Barrier Reef to do some scuba diving with the Quicksilver guys. We dived a beautiful spot called Agincourt Reef, at the very outer edge of the Barrier Reef. Here, special reefs known as ‘ribbons’ run parallel to the Continental Shelf.

Adjacent to the Coral Sea trench, these ribbon reefs are recognized as the most pristine eco-systems in the reef’s environment.

We did 2 dives at an average of 12 meters / 40 mins. The Red Sea Bass were there to greet us on the drop into the water. Hundreds of different types of corals, a few lionfish, drummers, unicornfish, clownfish and tons of anemones in the shallower sections.

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