I got a chance to head over to AC/DC lane during my stay in Melbourne. Tons of tribute ink on the walls as well as some well known local clubs. Here’s info from the bands website:

On October 1st 2004, Corporation Lane in Melbourne Australia was officially renamed ACDC Lane as a tribute to AC/DC.
AC/DC had originally filmed their music video for “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N Roll) on Swanston Street, which is nearby. A metal lightning bolt was later added to the sign, but has since been removed. ACDC Lane connects with Duckboard Place and is between Flinders Lane, Flinders Street, Russell Street and Exhibition Street.
Since the street has been renamed, the sign has been stolen once, and more recently, a lightning bolt was painted, amongst other graffiti on the surrounding walls. The street itself has attracted tourism since it was renamed 6 years ago.
In 2010, the walls along the street were lined with a variety of AC/DC tour posters, album covers and murals saluting AC/DC.