Cliff Diving Ariels Point in Boracay Philippines


A must do thing in Boracay is cliff diving. For a tiny fee, P1,200 (about $27 US Dollars)**, you get a boat ride from Boracay to Ariel’s Point, which is about 30 minutes away. There, you have unlimited drinks, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, along with lunch and of course your boat ride back to Boracay during sunset. Oh, let’s not forget the unlimited number of cliff dives, jumps and (like my friends) belly flops that you can do. Tons of drunk chicks in bikinis getting drunk and having a ton of fun!! ** Price at time of writing

There are five different cliff diving platforms at Ariel’s Point. Their exact distances from the water varies with the incoming and outgoing ocean tides, but the highest platform is 13 to 15 meters above the water. The lower platforms are 7-meters, 6-meters, 5-meters, and 3-meters high. Guests who wish to enter the water without cliff diving can do so by walking to a bamboo dock near the entrance to Ariel’s Point or by climbing down a ladder located near the 3-meter platform.


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