Mt Luho Boracay pictures


After a few days of no wind for kiteboarding, everybody was bored to death with nothing to do, so a couple of us (Dalan and Jessica) trekked up Mt. Luho here in Boracay Philippines. Mt. Luho is a small mountain where a viewing tower and walkway was built.  From here you have a fantastic view of Boracay, Bulabog Beach, and the Fairways. It was a good 20-30 walk from Bulabog Beach. They have some caged wildlife up at the top. The monkeys almost jumped on Jessica. Too funny.

Boracay’s highest peak is called as Mount Luho. Though it is called as such, it is not difficult to climb the small open deck where you can get a 360 degrees panoramic view of the island.

The view deck of Mount Luho which stands at about 370 ft. above sea level is located at Brgy. Bolabog. One has to travel a long and winding uphill road but there are available rides that will take visitors to the peak. The standard chartered rate for a maximum of 4 persons is PhP 300 per hour or PhP 150 for one-way.

There are 2 viewing decks at Mount Luho. The first and original one is owned by a Filipino which was built way back in the 1990s. The other is owned by Koreans which was just recently built for groups of foreign touring groups.

An entrance fee of PhP 120 per head is collected for the maintenance of the place.

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