VIDEO: Cockfighting in Boracay Philippines


This video was shot back in 2008 when I was living on the island and times were very crazy. So I headed out to the cockfighting arena in Boracay with Brian, Gaz, Kaye, and a few others to have a few San Mig lights and watch some action.

Cockfighting in Boracay Island only goes to show how prevalent this spectator sport is in the Philippines. Widely popular, cockfighting is another local pastime / activity that can offer you glimpses of the local culture.

Cockfighting has been around for a very long time in the Philippines, with historical records stating its existence as far back as 1837. To this day it remains a passionate activity among Filipinos, including those in Boracay.

This video was banned on youtube from complaints, so we’ll see how it does here.

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