VIDEO: Chads Thailand Trip – June 2010

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VIDEO: Chads Thailand Trip – June 2010

I ran video and shot some pictures throughout my travels in Thailand. Flying into Bangkok from Philippines, I met up with Rocky and took the hour taxi ride to Pattaya to grab some gear. Back to Bangkok and a flight to Phuket started everything off. With no set plans, everything was setup thru facebook and text messages with very last minute planning. Being in Thailand made it so easy to not even have a schedule.Bad storms prevented us from getting any diving done or any tourist stuff happening.

From Patong Beach in Phuket, we took off to Koh Samui in a 4 hour taxi ride across the country. During the travels, we stopped by 7-11 for some drinks and snacks, I grabbed a hot dog and some Gatorade and something for the taxi man. No big deal right? That hog dog got my ass sick for a solid 24 hours. So I’m in Koh Samui ejecting hot dog from both ends of my body 10 minutes after check in. Shit. 11am we are on another fast boat to Koh Tao.

Once to Koh Tao, we meet up with the guys from New Way Diving ran by Will. A couple dives, Muay Thai sessions, full moon parties, and hanging out easily killed a few days there. I see future visits to this island.

Back to Bangkok then Pattaya to meet up with some friends that showed up in country and round 2 for me began on the Thailand tour. Back to Phuket for a few days, then back to Bangkok to see some temples downtown.

Overall… good times in Thailand! It’s very cheap to catch domestic flights throughout the country. With it being low season, the hotels and transportation was very cheap.

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  1. Rocky July 14, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Nice vid bro…good times..
    I look great asleep

  2. zat July 15, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    can’t see the video but sounds like you had fun, that’s enough to know!

  3. Chad July 15, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    This is what I got from youtube about the video…

    “Your video is blocked in these locations: Germany”

    Damn Germans!

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