On the road again

Back on the trail again. Soooo much has been going on in February. I made it back to the US after being gone for almost a year and a half.

– Got a surprise visit from Amanda,  all the way from Australia. She hung out here for a couple weeks. Her first time to the US.
– Got to see my family. During my trip, the weather sucked so bad we got stuck there for an extra 2 days. My nephew was happy about that. lol
– We flew back to Florida to check out the state fair and hang out around the beaches. Checked out some nightlife with some friends around the beach area. It’s so cold at night in Florida right now.
– I had plans to hit up Sea World and Busch Gardens, but our schedules got messed up from the bad weather and rain. Sucks… 🙁
– We got a chance to check out the Clearwater Aquarium. Pretty cool experience.
– Filed my taxes.. getting a decent return back. I had to file the form 2555 for being out of the country all last year. It’s hard to believe people pay people $800-$1200 to file their taxes for working overseas. I guess if you have alot of property, stocks, and other expenses, you need somebody that knows what they are doing.
– I’m back in the airport again, this time heading to Kuwait from Washington DC. New job, new country, new adventure on the horizon. Trying to meet up with Rocky this week in Kuwait to hang out and catch up. So many big plans in the future with the diving business. Hopefully things go as planned in the next couple years.

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