Camia II Wreck Dive – Boracay Philippines (Apr 09)


The Camia II was kindly donated by the President of the Frabelle Fishing Corporation, Mr. Francisco Laurel Jr. This former fish-catch carrier is 37 meters long, 7 meters wide and has a height at the top of its crane tower of 12 meters. It is made of steel and languished for years in the Navotas Fishing Port in Metro Manila.

Boracay-04-22-IMG_0517 Boracay-04-22-IMG_0518 Boracay-04-22-IMG_0524 Boracay-04-22-IMG_0532

3 thoughts on “Camia II Wreck Dive – Boracay Philippines (Apr 09)”

  1. “…kindly donated by…” Wow, thats a lotta PC.

    The wreck is my favorite location, hands down. I prefer trailing behind everyone and quasi-ditching the buddy system so I can look at stuff rather than follow the leader like taking a city tour from the backseat of a taxi. Theres always certain small spots I like to check like the small coral patch on the stern with a colony of tiny black/white clownfish that dont like me… they’re so cute when they’re angry. Nearby is usually a tiny scorpionfish that no-one else ever sees.

  2. Yea dude. Was good vis and the camera worked out pretty good. A little photoshop and I was all set. The originals had too much blue I couldn’t filter out with the internal filters in the camera.

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