Come and see Iraq as a tourist!


Iraq First Western Tourists

Yea, you heard that right. But are you F’N kidding me!! This tour group not only boasts it’s exreme travel adventures, but lists where it is going and when it is going to be there. Just like a dumb ass tour group should, that would love to get kidnapped. (IMO)I can not believe people are actually touring this country on a vacation!

Greaves was one of eight visitors — including Britons and Americans — on the first officially sanctioned tour of Iraq outside the semiautonomous northern Kurdish region since the March 2003 U.S. invasion.

The trip, organized by a British adventure travel agency, occurred without major violence but plenty of hassles as the group navigated the omnipresent checkpoints aimed at preserving the drastic drop in violence over the past 18 months.

So if you want to come and see all this history in Iraq, come on over! Book your vacation thru these guys. I wonder if you are allowed to carry your weapon anboard the aircraft as carry on baggage?

I couldn’t book a vacation fast enough to go to Iraq –>>

9 day Tour
Day 1 Arrive Baghdad, afternoon excursions. Overnight Baghdad
Day 2 Baghdad City Tour. Khadimain Mosque, Mirjan Mosque, Tel Harmal, School and souk. Overnight Baghdad
Day 3 Drive to Samarra Mosque and Minaret and Palace. Possibly visit Assur, then to Erbil, provincial capital of Kurdistan Governorate. Overnight Erbil.
Day 4 Erbil City excursions. Visit to Der Mar Matti Monastery. Overnight Erbil
Day 5 Return to Baghdad, via the Assyrian site of Nimrud, and Der Mar Benham Monastery. Visit to Tikrit and Saddam Palace. Overnight Baghdad.
Day 6 Baghdad excursions including National Museum., Ctesiphon Arch. Overnight Baghdad.
Day 7 To Babylon and Borsippa- Mesopotamian ancient cities and to Shrine city of Kerbala. Overnight Kerbala.
Day 8 Return to Baghdad via the Shrine city of Najaf and Kufa. Overnight Baghdad.
Day 9 Depart from Baghdad.
Basic costs from £1,900 plus flights and visas.

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  1. I have talked to a couple people here and they say they would take that tour for religious reasons.

    Remember when you were talking about going to North Korea on a vacation?

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