How to Globe Share-a-load


globe philippinesTo all Globe subscribers here’s you can share your load/credits using Globe’s Share-a-Load service:

1) Text-in amount. (from Php1.00 to Php150.00)

2) Send the text to “2″ plus your friend’s 10-digit phone number (P1.00 per send).

Example: 2917xxxxxxx

3) You and your friend will receive a message confirming the successful reload.

4) After the first load, you will receive a text message prompting for a 4-digit PIN. Use it to protect your phone against unauthorized loading.

5) Starting with your next load, text in amount and 4-digit PIN.

Example: 5 1234

Update: You can now use Share-a-Load without using your 4-digit PIN. Do this by texting:

OFF to 2916

This is useful if you have trouble in remembering your PIN or in emergency cases wherein someone else has to do the transaction for you using your mobile phone.

Each transaction will cost you Php1.00 + the amount of load you shared. You could always text HELP to 2916 for assistance or more information.

For more detailed instructions:

Easily share load to Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers via Share-A-Load, or share unlimited offers using Share-A-Service! An optional PIN feature is also present for a more secure transaction.

A. How to SHARE

•  To share regular load value:



•  To share Unlimited offers:



*Unregistered/new prepaid & postpaid subscribers will be able to do Share-A-Load transactions, regardless of the amount, without PIN by default.
** For Globe Postpaid, the amount of load transferred will be charged on top of the Globe Mobile plan.
**For Globe Prepaid and TM, the amount of load transferred or the cost of the service shared plus a P1.00 transaction fee will be deducted from the sender’s personal balance.

B. Available Share-A-Load Values and Share-A-Service Offers



*P300 and P500 denominations are for Globe Postpaid Share-A-Load senders only.
**Load denominations P1-P150 (with P1 increments) are also available for Globe Prepaid and TM.



C. Scheduled Share-A-Load



D. Other Transactions



E. Transaction Limits

•  Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers are only allowed to send a maximum number of 5 transactions per day regardless of the amount.
•  Globe Postpaid Subscribers will be subject to their existing Share-A-Load transaction limits based on their plan. The monthly Share-A-Load limits are:



•  Request for increase in Globe Postpaid Share-A-Load transaction limit is free of charge but subject to credit approval.
•  To request for an increase in Globe Postpaid Share-A-Load transaction limit, you may do any of the following:

  •  Call your Talk2Globe Hotline at (02)730-1000 from any Landline phone or dial 211 toll-free from your Globe Mobile.
•  Visit the nearest Globe Store.

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