Drunk at Bom Bom,Cocomangas doing 15 shots & Guilly’s Island

VIDEO: Red Pirates Full Moon Party Feb 22 2008
February 22, 2008
How to Globe Share-a-load
June 9, 2008
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Starting the party at Bom Bom’s Bugsay Dragonboat fund raiser. Drunk at Cocomangas doing 15 shots & Guilly’s Island on the party run. Cocomangas – The best Disco and Shooterbar on Boracay.


  1. crAZYnith says:

    Thank you for the support, guys! More fund raising events to come! it’s worth it – we are champs!

  2. LimeInTheCoconut21 says:

    I hate america

  3. roses6909 says:

    fucking hell, i bet his drunk later on.i’ve try that before.fucking mother fucker i thought that was the last shot i will ever taste anymore. i was very drunk,but its fun so its good………

  4. deraileDpinoy says:

    i miss my country

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