VIDEO: Red Pirates Full Moon Party Feb 22 2008


Check out the full moon party held at Red Pirates. Tons of rum flowing, beer bongs, and the famous FU Archie. (As always, watch after the final credits)


7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Red Pirates Full Moon Party Feb 22 2008”

  1. Are you talking about the William action? It’s at the very end of the clip after the credits. I didn’t get the actual situation that happened at the beach. I was in the bar at the time filming.

  2. yelling…screaming…drums getting thrown around….heads getting in the way… blood… hospital…stitches…

  3. Man, I was at Station 1 when all this happened…and it was my birthday too!

    Had fun at Red Pirates a few days after…Archie served us some great food and drinks. Hope to visit again soon.

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