VIDEO: Boracay Philippines Halloween 2007

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October 14, 2007
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November 17, 2007
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This is how it’s done in Boracay Philippines for Halloween 07. Party places include Hey Jude! & Summerplace.


  1. dustinpratt says:

    lot of lady boys in that video…

  2. beachbum32 says:

    Too many around that night. Damn Amazing show in town now…

  3. gazman05 says:

    Those weren,t ladyboy,s where they noooo not again, i was never confused! Pamela Andersons boobs Pamela Anderson,s boobs ah thats better feel straight again.

  4. missspanishfly says:

    Im hella squinty in the video. lol.

  5. SOFIAgandako says:

    whoa those sure are beautiful boys!

  6. NRG2220 says:

    ehhh….kinda lame….the whole thing looks weak….

  7. 2K8U says:

    philippines is sick man,,,,i went there last year and the nightlife is insane,,,,,the filipino’s party everynight like there’s no tommorow

  8. paulyatekul0l says:

    the people left a bad comment here are filipino.. i dunno why they saying dat..

  9. solohinmo says:

    Dammn first i thought those are real girls,but damn mga bading pala!!!

  10. thaniewin says:

    what the name of that song at :49?
    It sounds like a Brazilian dance song.

  11. deadcell1 says:

    The scary thing is about filipino ladyboys they look just like real women.. what a surpize you will have if you bring one of these

  12. MC211982 says:

    one word… THAILAND

  13. ghannameh says:

    boracay was really much better than is now
    i first went there in 2002 and was un bielivable experience , so calm and relaxing
    it is now getting somthing like phuket , which will really ruin the reputation of bora
    i last went in 2006 and didnt like the crowed , god knows how it is now ..

  14. Kaspergaling says:


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