Camia II Fish Frenzy wreck diving Boracay Philippines


Tons of fish at Camia II wreck in Boracay Philippines. The Camia wreck dive site is one of the premiere diving destinations in Boracay. The wreck is situated between the Virgin drop dive site and the Coral garden diving spot.

The Camia wreck is a 30-meter (100-feet) long cargo boat that was sunk in January 2001 as an artificial fish reef for divers to explore. Now, the wreck is being resided by some huge red bass, some bluefin trevallies, scorpionfishes and a well-known shoal of batfish.

The minimum depth of the dive site is 18 meters (60 feet) and the maximum depth can go down to 25 meters (80 feet).
The current can sometimes be very strong around the wreck, this is why diving on the Camia wreck is often recommended for advanced and experienced scuba divers.

The continuously growing corals on the shipwreck is beautiful and the wreck contains many different colorful species of soft and hard corals.
Many fishes are shoaling all around these colorful corals throughout the year, making the Camia wreck an extraordinary diving site.
The extraordinary biodiversity on the Camia wreck makes this shipwreck a nice diving destination and a must-see dive site.


Camia wreck boracay


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